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My Dad Approves of Grapes

30th November 2010 Day 3 of my new life.  It was my birthday on Saturday, and I was advised to start again, to start afresh, to become my own disciple instead of someone else’s, to find some inner place of … Continue reading

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Healing Love Meditation

Monday 29th November Jane made a recording for me to listen to, to help me relax and to also confirm to the cancer cells that their message has been heard, listened to, and now it is time for them to … Continue reading

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For those of you interested in details…

Jane typing here.  Philip is on loads of medications for sickness (Domperidone, Ondansetron, Levinan to control sickness; Omeprazole for heartburn pain; capecitabine – chemo drug). Unfortunately they do not seem to be working as good as they might – or … Continue reading

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A Poem to Love

Friday 26th November Been a hard few days. Very uncomfortable. Crying a lot because of physical pain and memories of past emotional pain too, and because I am receiving love from many people. Jane, first and foremost, helping me in … Continue reading

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I’ve asked Jane to type this – I am feeling too nauseous and awful to do anything more.  Hope to be back writing very soon.  It’s something to look forward to.  It’s really lovely when I get comments from people … Continue reading

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Chemo Day

Tuesday 23rd November 2010 In Aberdeen at the Royal Infirmary again. We called to confirm because I had not received a letter and were told they were expecting me at 10am. So we got here in a hurry and have … Continue reading

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The Right Size, The Right Place

Tuesday 23rd November 2010 Woken up by the pain again, it’s moved a bit, more in my side this morning. I’ve reduced the dose of Dihydrocodeine, I guess too much. Don’t like taking it, but rest is important too so … Continue reading

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More ego

Monday 22nd November 2010 Becky, has said she wants to come sailing with me! How good is that? (She is my thirteen year old granddaughter who also has had treatment for cancer this year if you’re new to this blog). … Continue reading

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Pain in the ego

Thursday 18th November The pain has settled down, seeing the osteo helped, I hope. I hope because it might work again if it did work this time. I don’t like the idea of taking pain-killers for months. Today I was … Continue reading

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“Heal Your Wounds, My Son.” 2

Thursday 18th November 2010 It is hard for me to believe in any deity. Hearing these words in my head was a first for me. I have never prayed to God or Allah or Krishna, it has never seemed to … Continue reading

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