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How to Get Information from a Hospital

March 31st 2011 We were talking to the surgeon, Keyhole Man. “How long do you expect the operation to be?” “How long is a piece of string?” He smiles. “It will be at least three hours, could be longer.” This … Continue reading

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The Web of Light Continues

March 30th 2011 The web of light that was created last Monday still exists. I am still conscious of it somehow, I can’t explain how but it is still alive in me and around me. I also believe that it … Continue reading

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I’m a Patient – Get Me Out of Here!

Monday March 28th 2011 I am the proud record holder of the fastest discharge after a partial gastrectomy from hospital – 5 nights. I was told I’d be in about 7 nights. And if I hadn’t had the keyhole surgery, … Continue reading

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Dopey Dictator

Being in intensive care is a bit like being an emperor or a dictator which is what I am actually, dictating to Jane. Slightly woozy on morphine, hence dopey, just in case you hadn’t noticed. The nurses were looking after … Continue reading

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A Success!

March 21st 2011 Jane blogging now: 3pm today and the surgeon called me on my mobile: “Philip is OK. It took a bit longer than expected due to some technical equipment issues but it was straightforward – there was no … Continue reading

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The Web of Light Map

March 20th 2011 Last night Jane and I put a map of the world on the wall (photo below) and connected Birmingham to all these places around the world with white wool and sticky dots. (List of countries under it … Continue reading

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Some Good News

Thursday 17th March This morning Jane, Jackie and I drove to Birmingham to see the surgeon. The hospital was enormous and very crowded, I was shocked at the numbers of people waiting. It felt like a bus station. I wondered … Continue reading

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Double Vision

Wednesday 15th march 2011 I just heard this morning that Becky, my grand-daughter, is going back into hospital next Monday. This is not good news. What do I call this? A synchronicity? A ghastly coincidence? Surely not an agreement from … Continue reading

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A Vision of Light

Tuesday March 15th 2011 I saw the operating theatre, well, to be more accurate, I thought about the operating theatre and described it to myself, rather like what is below, in words. That’s how it goes in my brain. I … Continue reading

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A Quick Post En Route

Monday March 14th 2011 Jane and are travelling down by car to Coventry for the operation next Monday. Next Monday! Feels very soon. Jane’s sister Anna had a caesarian birth with their second child and last night very casually described … Continue reading

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