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Chemo 2, Day Seven

Very weak indeed (Jane is typing this). Just had a visit from the cancer specialist Macmillan nurse, who was concerned that I’m very pale and may need a blood transfusion. Partly this is because of just having had the operation, … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Powerlessness

Friday 27th May 2011 I include here a quote from Wayne Liquorman, that a friend, Michael in California, forwarded, you can find more info on where he is listed in the left column. I feel it represents something that … Continue reading

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Chemo vs Me – Round 2

Thursday May 26th 2011 A quick note to say that it is not so bad this time, so far. Very tired but no pain, no nausea. Different drugs, more drugs, to control side-effects and probably Mistletoe Man has worked some … Continue reading

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Are We Odd or What?

Tuesday May 24th 2011 Sitting in the corridor in Ward 17 – in the corridor because although there is a bed available in a 2-bedded room, the incessant noise from Lanky is unbearable to us – so how on earth … Continue reading

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Things Do Not Go According To Plan

24th May 2011 As you can see from the following letter which we are planning to send to Onco Man, Dear Dr Petty, We arrived here this morning, Tuesday 24th, and the drugs had not been ordered so Philip could … Continue reading

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Web of Light – the Sequel

Monday 23rd May 2011 Tomorrow I start the chemo again. I would love to resurrect the web of light that was created for the operation and to have it infuse Ward 15, one of the oncology wards at Aberdeen Royal … Continue reading

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Visualisation for Dot

This looks a bit odd. There are two versions. I made a slightly different one for a friend, Dot, because she has cancer in her breast. Mistletoe visualisation for Dot

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Mistletoe Visualisation

Here is the Mistletoe Visualisation that I wrote about. It’s five minutes. It has been joined in my mind with the song “76 Trombones”! I see (sort of) the cells as a marching band, marching down my arteries, tooting away. … Continue reading

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A Bank Update

Wednesday May 18th 2011 It’s been a while since I wrote about the situation with the bank (see A Bank with Heart 2), so here’s an update. Following their suggestion we contacted the previous owner and asked him if he’d … Continue reading

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Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Sunday May 15th 2011 I am reading a book about the folly of prediction, “Future Babble” by Dan Gardner. In this book he describes some experiments that show how when we are given a number, it sticks. Some of these … Continue reading

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