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Endoscopied! Nothing to be seen

A quick post. I am still bemused from the sedative, and we are off down to Galloway now, Jane driving. Basically, it’s good news. There was nothing to be seen in my gullet, duodenum or stomach that shouldn’t be there. … Continue reading

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Minus a Pound!

I really don’t like the current situation. I would prefer to be able to bring something more upbeat to the blog but the reality is that I am still not eating or drinking properly so I’ve lost the pound I … Continue reading

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Penny Brohn Centre in Bristol

I have been looking at some cancer forums again. I looked in the early days and was shocked at the negativity, particularly the anger, and didn’t want to relate to that. I feel stronger now and I want to let … Continue reading

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Plus One Pound!

A quick update. Up a pound this morning. Hooray! Had a session with Kate, my nutritional advisor on Saturday. Priority now is eating and gaining weight. Doesn’t really matter how. Celebrated with a sausage sandwich (in bread made with spelt … Continue reading

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Still Down

I have lost more weight. Down to ten stone ten pounds. Less than Jane (to her horror!). She says, “Can’t you have some mine?” “I wouldn’t mind, hand it over.” We smile. It’s not that funny. My son, Matthew, is … Continue reading

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Olivia, My Great Grand-daughter!

After putting Phoebe’s picture up, I had to have this one as well. It’s hard to believe, I know, but it’s true! Here she is, gorgeous. She’s a year older than her Auntie Phoebe. I was twenty when her grandma, … Continue reading

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Phoebe, My New Grand-daughter

After the time at Bristol I zoomed up to Coventry to spend an hour holding Phoebe. Moments I will never forget. Babies are love machines. Also had a lovely dinner with Matthew and his family (not Becky unfortunately, she was … Continue reading

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Mr Skinny

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Feeling Low

I’ve been back from Bristol a week now. Very exhausted. It was a good experience. A very loving environment – a luxurious, loving hotel plus inspiring people and courses. Am having trouble sorting it all out in my head to … Continue reading

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