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Ups and Downs

Passed the week here at home with Jackie, Jane having a break in France with her parents. She’s back tomorrow. It’s been a very up and down time. The main focus has been to get my bowels moving. Apologies to … Continue reading

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Possible Ebook Title

Healing Cancer – One Man’s Journey. Looking for Life and Hope with Onco Man, Mistletoe Man, and Many Others What do you think? I am very interested in any feedback. Part of the reasoning behind “Healing Cancer” is that many … Continue reading

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Who DOES Know Best? Anyone? Me? No-one?

These three sessions in the last week have summarised something of this last year. I went from the medical intuitive, “Oh just take these drops for the next four years and the cancer will disappear.” Who is to say she … Continue reading

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A Session with a Medical Intuitive

“What’s that?” I hear you say. It’s someone who has a form of psychic ability combined with medical training to get information from what I call “The Field”, from beyond our normal perceptions and information sources. With these people it … Continue reading

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Not exactly Mr Universe

I think that’s a muscle I can see there!   Not exactly pretty either but though I am may be appearing to shrink I am not on my last legs as some people seem to think. If you really want … Continue reading

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Onco Man is Unhappy

There were five of us this time. “You know Rachel, don’t you?” We nod and smile. She is the Nurse Specialist in Aberdeen. “This is Dr …….. , he’s the radiologist and I invited him to sit it. Is that … Continue reading

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The Incredible Shrinking Man!

I now weigh under 10 stone. The last two weeks have been a nightmare, it’s very difficult for me to share this because it is so opposite to what I wanted. My plan was to go off on holiday with … Continue reading

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