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Food helps

I had a better night last night.    A combination of fear, unpleasant hallucinations, pain, and lack of sleep for the last week has meant that I haven’t been able to write a post; it has all been pretty grim. … Continue reading

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Oh dear

Jane here, giving an update. I say oh dear because we heard today that the jejunostomy is now not possible – because of too much inflammation from the original scar, the radiotherapy and the cancer itself. This was a bit … Continue reading

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Food at last!

Yes, it’s true! At 7pm tonight, Philip was finally linked up using TPN (total parenteral nutrition), so he is now getting some real nourishment. This is a temporary solution until Monday, when the doctor will discuss with the surgeons the … Continue reading

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Anyone got a good flashlight and shovel?

Jane speaking: Sitting at Philip’s bedside in the ward, waiting for the doctor to visit. I was shopping for new pyjamas for Philip in Sainsbury’s when a call came from the nurse. ‘He’s going for his endoscopy now, not waiting … Continue reading

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Back in the same hospital bed…

‘Radiotherapy and starvation don’t really go very well together’. So says Gamma Ray Man, aka Raj the Radiologist. I (Jane) burst out laughing. Yet another example of black humour. Philip has been admitted to hospital in Aberdeen, this time for … Continue reading

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Update re Nutrition

A friend asked me: “Why are the doctors not giving You intravenous nutrients?” Here’s what I told her: “They told us yesterday (and last week) that they will feed me intravenously if necessary; currently I am still able to digest … Continue reading

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Gamma Ray Man – A Good Guy

This week, one year ago, was when I met the first consultant, Dr Hew, and he drew crosses on a card that were not kisses, to show me where he had found the cancer. Last Thursday, a year on, we … Continue reading

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Jane typing here – just to let you know the result of the scan and the treatment based on the scan – which is that there is no further spread of cancer anywhere in Philip’s body, other than at the … Continue reading

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A Picture of Health

A friend suggested that it would be helpful to have an image of me to make it easier to imagine me in the Circle of Light. I like this one with my son, Matt. It’s healthy and happy, too. I’m … Continue reading

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Web of Light – the Sequel

Last Thursday I went to have another scan, and next Thursday, 6th October, I’ll meet with Gamma Ray Man. He and his colleagues will have gleaned all possible information that they can from these images, and will tell us what … Continue reading

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