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Celebration of Philip’s life – plus photos

My dear man would have loved the celebrations that were held to mark him leaving his body. The Box Service (ie with Philip’s body in a cardboard box) was beautifully held by my friend Margie McCallum. My mum had spread … Continue reading

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Philip’s last week

In the wee small hours of the morning after my love had died, I felt a strong compulsion to write everything that had happened in his last week.  I have posted it here so that if you want to know … Continue reading

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Celebration of Philip’s life

There will be a celebration of Philip’s life in the Universal Hall, Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn on Friday 9th December at 3pm, with tea and cake after in the Community Centre. The Findhorn Community, in which we have both played a … Continue reading

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Leaving the body

Last night, 1st December,  my dear, darling husband left his body peacefully at 8.19pm.  I say left his body because it became very obvious that there was no longer an inhabitant in that body at that time.  One minute he … Continue reading

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More changes…

Jane here – and it might only ever be me now. Today we were told, that despite everything planned to move to the Elgin hospital, there was not an ambulance because of the strike.  Later in the morning, though,  it … Continue reading

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Update on the 2nd procedure

Jane here:  Thank you so much everyone for your prayers and support – the procedure did go ahead today but unfortunately they could not position the tube properly and so it has been unsuccessful yet again.  Not entirely unexpected but … Continue reading

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Webs, circles and wheels of love, healing and light

Philip here. Whatever shape we call it, once more I pray for your deep support, your prayers to join together in this event, where we open up to the unknown. We heard this afternoon that the procedure should happen in … Continue reading

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Things are unpredictable…

Jane here. Things didn’t go entirely to plan today, and my initial reaction is recorded here (with Philip’s permission – he has been too sleepy to post): Oh my God. It’s 4pm on Friday 18th  November, the big ‘D’ day … Continue reading

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One light, many lamps

Light has played an enormously important part in my life, because from 1973 until 1992 I used the name that Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh (now known as Osho) gave me, which was Swami Anand Pradeep. It means ‘light of bliss’. When … Continue reading

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Praying/meditating for Philip on Friday

Hi everyone, Jane here. I have just sent this email out to all my contacts, and I invite you to send it too, to anyone you know who might want to join us: My husband, Philip Rogers, has been in … Continue reading

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