A Bank with Heart? Yes!!

Followers of my blog will already know that Jane and I have been on the verge of bankruptcy for the last four years. Last month (see A Bank with Heart? 3) they told us to send them an offer, so we did. It wasn’t very much because we don’t have much.

As you may imagine we have been waiting a little anxiously. This is the final act of a long saga. They have come up trumps. They do have heart. Yesterday we received a letter offering to settle for £5,000! (We owe over £320,000). We have to pay within 28 days. It’s hard to take it in. All we have to do is raise this money and it will be over at last. What an extraordinary relief. Who knows? It may contribute to saving my life! Actually if I think about that, it certainly will contribute.

We have, of course, learned a lot from this experience, and are grateful (I mean that). However, the removal of this particular ABGO* is extremely welcome, we have a sufficiency of them at the moment.

*ABGO. Another Bloody Growth Opportunity

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13 Responses to A Bank with Heart? Yes!!

  1. janice shearer says:

    yeah!! how good that an ABGO bites the dust. there is a good fairy after all , reasons to be cheerful, part one…

  2. Barbara says:

    ABGO! I love it! And many congrats! Is the $5,000 going to be ok to raise? XXX

  3. Sylvia Black says:

    How wonderful!! What amazing manifesting! Congrats both of you, I’m sooo delighted!
    Blessings and love,
    Syl xxx

  4. Lisa Mead says:

    Amazing news! That’s really wonderful. There is a God!
    Lisa xx

  5. Deborah Jay-Lewin says:

    reading this in greece I am moved to tears. what patience and perseverance from you both. what new channels of energy will now be opened up for you both with this saga closed. I hope you set up a donation fund. x Deborah

  6. william says:

    Incredible news. I’m very happy for you.
    Now anything is possible.

  7. brill, brill, brill – so relieved for you – look forward to celebrating in a couple of weeks – I’m sure the other 2,500k will materialise. Del & Russell xxx (PS Have heard of another version of an ABGO – AFGO (won’t tell you what the F stands for!)).

  8. Claire Hayes says:

    Great news Philip…Iam so glad for you both. A huge weight off your mind…xxxx

  9. joanna says:

    Great news Philip.. Phew. At last.
    Love the AGBO. Do they breed? Maybe with the AFGO?
    Best way to deal with them??
    much love x

  10. Sophia Hatch says:

    Well done ! Hope you set up a donation fund …:) blessings Sophia

  11. Paul says:

    Well done you guys, it just shows with rich thinking anything is posssible.



  12. sue powell says:

    I am so pleased for you. I bumped into Jane and she told me in person on Sunday at the yacht club cafe. It was a GLORIOUS amazingly hot day. I had come up for another i/v … and this time got the job. So, I will be winging my way back to Findhorn/Forres late Aug … it will be lovely to be closer by and to see you more often xxx

  13. Penny Davenport says:

    WOW! ! ! Really good news!

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