Celebration of Philip’s life – plus photos

My dear man would have loved the celebrations that were held to mark him leaving his body. The Box Service (ie with Philip’s body in a cardboard box) was beautifully held by my friend Margie McCallum. My mum had spread greenery and a few blooms from our garden on top.  We sang Morning Has Broken, which we had sung at our wedding and felt appropriate as we are both embarking on a ‘new morning’ now.

The following day we had the Celebration in the Universal Hall in Findhorn.


Univ-Hall3-737x1024It was stunning; so many people, many sharings and such poignant and sweet Taize singing too.  I had created an altar for him with some of his personal things on – his Sudoku puzzle, glasses, his favourite baseball cap.  A photo of Bhagwan, one of Tryvan, a Welsh mountain we had climbed together; the belt he had bargained for from a Berber tribesman on our last holiday in Morocco.



P-mandala-300x224And then in front of the altar, a beautiful mandala created by someone who had only recently heard about Philip and been reading the blog – such a loving spirit.

Our good friend Mark had created a lovely slideshow of some amazing photos of Philip; you can see it here (look out for the bearded Swami with sunglasses in the middle of the back row of all the other red-robed Swami’s!)

Ps-altar1-e1323629624206-224x300I was sitting between Barbara and my sister, Anna; during the singing of ‘In Manus Tuas Pater’ (Into thy hands God I commend my spirit), Barbara whispered, ‘They’re singing him away…’. I burst into tears, I knew he loved these songs and this particular one so much.

Tea in the Community Centre followed, after people had been given a copy of Philip’s book ‘Do You Feel Loved By Me?’  I am so blessed to be living amongst such a community, with so many friends looking out for me and opening their hearts so lovingly. Thank you, all of you, and thank you everyone on this blog too. I have created a Book of Memories and have pasted in some of the comments made from the blog.  If you would like to contribute to this, please email me direct here.

I don’t yet know what is going to happen to this blog – that is one of the many practical things I have to decide about over the next while. Philip was in the process of editing to publish it as an e-book, but he did not leave me any instructions as to what he wanted done. So I will have to wait and see what presents itself to help me with this decision.

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8 Responses to Celebration of Philip’s life – plus photos

  1. Jan Fairley says:

    what an amazing send off – Philip was a remarkable person as is Jane – and i wish i had been there – sounds perfect apprecaition adn celebraiton opf Philp’s life – extremely beautiful. My prayers are with you Jane and with Philips memory – felt very low yesterday myself that kind of spirtual hunger feeling and it is somewhat assuaged by this – xxxx

  2. Delcia McNeil says:

    Thank you so much for this Jane, especially the slide show – wonderful to see Philip throughout his life. I felt such pain at not being able to be there, but your blog feels like it includes me (and anyone else who couldn’t physically be there) in his wonderful send off. Delxxx

  3. tom kelly says:

    Hi Jane,
    Words escape me. i’m moved and impressed and such a beautiful love you embodied for each other. the vision you had that night spoke volumes.

  4. judith says:

    I was so sadenned to hear the news of Philip’s death on my return (Dec 11) from a three week holiday, and deeply sad to have missed the beautiful and moving memorial service. Thank you so much Jane for immortalising the service, and Philip, on the Blog. He was a gentle and loving man who will be deeply missed by all of us who knew him, but who are heartened to know that his indomitable spirit lives on.

  5. Tony Craze says:

    Thank you, Jane.
    And so many other pictures remain in memory.

  6. Tree Staunton says:

    Dear Jane, I will see you very soon, and as for visiting Philip, he is everywhere in spirit, no longer tied to the physical constraints so no need for flights and trains! He is with us and we will talk about him and have stories and memories and he will stay alive in us.
    All love

  7. Johnny Connolly says:

    A view from the sideline.

    Dear Jane,
    You’ll probably not remember me but I’m involved in the eco village in Cloughjordan. Dave passed on your sad news and my thoughts and love are with you. My memory of Philip, although I met him only briefly, is one that has stayed with me. At our many village meetings he would pace up and down the sideline, like a frustrated parent at a minor hurling match, but knowing that there was no referee to blame, silently pleading with us to get closer.
    All the best,

  8. John Groom says:

    Hi Jane
    Dear Jane,
    I am so sorry.
    Such a moving story and thank you for recording it.
    We are all touched by loss. Juliet and I separated some 3 years ago and sadly Heart Politics has lost its heart. Also both of my parents passed away in the last two years.
    Though Juliet and I’s friendship was brief with both of you at Tauhara and Auckland I am left feeling warm and fuller from meeting two kindred spirits. This June I come to the UK to walk the Peak District and re-explore my own childhood.It is important to savor our lives and those who have been close to us. In Friendship. John.

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