Celebration of Philip’s life

NatureSanctuaryCandle-300x225There will be a celebration of Philip’s life in the Universal Hall, Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn on Friday 9th December at 3pm, with tea and cake after in the Community Centre.

The Findhorn Community, in which we have both played a big part, has a tradition of honouring the life of one of their members who has died in a very beautiful way. One of the very first events that Philip attended when we first moved here nearly 4 years ago was to honour someone who had died, and he was very impressed by it.

He told me some of the things that he would want to have happen on this occasion, some of the music he wanted played, stories told and so on, and this will all happen. I can guarantee you will need your tissues!

You are all very welcome to attend.  If you need information about this, or directions, please contact Carin Schwartz on 01309 696266 or carinschwartz@gmail.com. If anyone wants to make donations, please support the mistletoe therapy that Philip was receiving, by visiting www.mistletoeforcancer.org.uk

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  1. BEVERLEY says:

    Dear Jane
    I am sorry I won’t be able to say farewell to Philip at this celebration of his life, but I will certainly be there in spirit. I think the event you are talking about four years ago was one I went to as well which both moved and impressed me by its beauty. May Philip’s celebration be as beautiful in it’s own way.

    I send you much love
    Bev xxx

  2. Dot Male says:

    Dear Jane,
    I met you both in Aberdeen Camphill when Philip was taking mistletoe last June.
    I just wanted you to know that my thoughts and love are with you at this time ( and with Philip on the other side).

  3. brian holden says:

    I too will not be there However the celebration has already begun for I’ve just done the Aum and as I first meet Philip aka Pradeep 33 years ago in a similar work shop, he was with me today. Step into the holly fire, step into the holly flame! Thank you for the encouragement to LIVE, then and NOW
    Jane, I wish you all the let-goes you need and I hope it turns to celebration soon
    LOVE Brian aka Atiraj

  4. Sophia Hatch says:

    I hope the celebration for Philips life is wonderful ..Im sure it will be ! Love and blessings on your journey ‘s and may god hold you in the hollow of her hand ..love Sophia xx

  5. Lindy Gibbon says:

    I am sure Philip’s celebration will be beautiful and will think of you both. I have put your names in our winged prayer book for this month so you will be held by even more of us. With love, Lindy

  6. Pam says:

    Jane…. we’re so sorry we can’t be there. Callum is taking part in a big choir concert at the Royal Albert Hall and I know we wouldn’t make it back in time. Our thoughts will be with you and there is some comfort in knowing you will be surrounded by a wonderful community who loved Philip and loves and supports you…. hopefully we will be able to get together very soon. Take care, much love Pam

  7. David Knight says:

    Hello Jane….i feel humbly blessed to have read your notes….i am so sorry to learn of Philips passing. I am over in th UK but wanted to say time and distance and all dimensions cannnot seperate your love for each other. You are so strong and i wish for this strength to continue for you all on Friday when you celebrate Philips life together. My deepest sympathy and condolenses to you and your family. God bless Philip’s soul and you all. Dave

  8. Theolyn says:

    We will be thinking of you at 3.pm Friday – here are the lyrics from one of Will’s songs which we think Philip would have loved:

    As sure as the sun stays up in heaven
    As sure as the moon pulls on the tide
    As sure as the stars run their course through the night
    From the lamb to the fishes in one giant stride
    There’s a game going on,played for you and for me
    Just look out beyond what is easy to see
    You’ll find Love is a doorway
    And Love is a key.

    From the first days of the dreamtime
    ‘Til the last night draws to a close
    Every drop in the ocean, each grain of sand,
    Will dance through Time just the way it was planned.
    Its a lesson to learn, when you get it you’ll see
    Its binds us together and sets us all free
    O Love is a doorway
    And Love is a key.

    My song is your song
    May your song carry on
    My soul is your soul
    Long may it be
    Love is a doorway
    Love is a key –
    Love is the doorway
    Love is the key.

    Will Shaman

  9. linda says:

    I am struck Jane by one of the last photos of Philip with some of his and your families at Carrick
    It helped me make sense somehow that we never die that Darling Philip lives on both in the very cells of his offspring ,the memories of those who knew him throughout his life and within the hearts of those who loved him and whom he loved
    ps I really like the photo where you are knitting!!.

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