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As you know, I am offering a workshop next Sunday. I hope this will be the first of many, and I plan to travel with it to wherever there are people interested. To facilitate this I am planning to turn the blog into a book and am working on that now. I’ve been advised to rewrite it to present it as a book, so I am exploring that. Ideally, I will find an agent who will be committed to getting it published, with a publisher who will arrange talks and book signings in the UK and America. I can then turn these into workshop opportunities. Does anyone know an agent or publisher that they would recommend?

One challenge is to choose a better title for the book (and the blog too). I have various ideas and would welcome more. Here are some of mine –

1. Cancer and Consciousness
2. Healing from Cancer with Love not Anger (this could also be a sub-title)
3. Love and Cancer
4. Welcoming Cancer
5. Making Friends with Cancer
6. Cancer, Friend or Foe?
7. The Healing Power of Cancer
8. Heal Your Wounds
9. Heal Your Wounds, My Son

Do you have a favourite? Off the wall ideas are welcome.
Treat this as a brainstorm – everything is welcomed.

For anyone who prefers it I am getting ready to send the blog directly to people who would like that. The benefit to me is that I will build a database which is part of my next step in my plans. Email me on or you can say “Yes” in the comments box below.

Many thanks once again for your support. It makes a difference.

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7 Responses to Get the blog in your inbox

  1. Tree Staunton says:

    Love and cancer

  2. Barbara says:

    Yes if it’s easier for you. Not sure about the name. What’s the essence of what you want to say in five words or less!?

    • Philip says:

      Good question. Cancer helps me heal myself? Actually, this morning I’m feeling down. I guess I went on a bit of a high without realising it, when I stopped the chemo. It was such a relief. And there was a sense of being in charge. Today, I feel more exposed and afraid. Not a good day for making bold statements!

  3. joanna says:

    What about Love in Cancer? or does it sound too astrologicacl?
    Seems like Love is required ? It was the best of the suggestions for me.
    love to you

  4. Barbara says:

    Hope all goes well this weekend! Thinking of you. XXX

  5. Sophia Hatch says:

    Cancer as teacher? They are all fine really ! Hope you are feeling in charge ..and filled with moments of love

  6. Joanne says:

    Good luck with this journey……..but a respected visitor??????? Wow How about Evil comes A’calling

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