One light, many lamps

Light has played an enormously important part in my life, because from 1973 until 1992 I used the name that Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh (now known as Osho) gave me, which was Swami Anand Pradeep. It means ‘light of bliss’. When I became a disciple and took the name, he explained:

“This light is a gentle light, a light of the self, like a small earthen oil lamp.  A yellow, gentle, warm glow.  When you have a lamp like that in a room, and you bring in a second one, there are two lamp bodies, that is, two physical places for light,  but only one actual light. The light from the two lamps joins together completely.”

It was clear to me that the light he was referring to was of course an analogy for consciousness, and I spent the next twenty years seeking that light within myself, seeking to experience it, and connect beyond this one simple earthen lamp that you could call my body. I always loved the gentle quality of it being an oil lamp.

Jane has just told me about the 12noon praying/meditation tomorrow, and I wanted to make sure people knew what to do. Many people are already holding me in the Light,  for which I am deeply grateful, and I would like to invite all of you to join in with this. How you experience your Light or the Light of Consciousness is of course personal to you, and I welcome your Light in whatever form it takes. Together we will create One Light from many different lamps.

Here’s what I wrote last time:

I have an image of standing in the centre of a circle, and in the centre of me is my tummy, glowing with light. It’s a circle of some kind of beings of light, I don’t know how to describe them beyond that. They are bodies of light, sent from people all around the world who know me, to this special place that is outside of time and space. None of us need directions to get there, we just can go if we wish. We can go at any time and the circle is there. It will be there as long as any one of us chooses it to be so. The whole circle is illuminated with a gentle light such as from an oil lamp or a candle, and the light is the essence of these beings. The light is love, the love we all know, that resides deep within us and is the source and foundation of life.

We can call it consciousness, we can call it light, we can call it love. Our human words are only pointers to the truth. So yesterday Love is the Answer, today it’s Light. I’ll have to get another star!


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9 Responses to One light, many lamps

  1. Jenny Lewis says:

    Wonderful, Philip, thank you.

  2. David Mead says:

    Hi Phillip,

    Thanks for sharing that piece of yourself. I don’t really get the palpable and tangible experience of the “Light” but I do think of you with love, surrounded by the love you are creating around yourself, which I believe and trust bathes and nurtures you and all who are near to you.

    Keep up the good work buddy,


  3. Del says:

    Lovely jubbly Philip – ‘Let there be light’! (that’s God speaking! Top whom? Philip of course!)

  4. Del says:

    sorry – typo – meant to say ‘To whom’ Delx

  5. Barbara says:

    Last time we did this was when Philip was about to meet his doctor Raj, about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Michael and I were with Philip and Jane and we closed our eyes and had a very powerful experience with this. All my energy will be going into this on Friday, time difference notwithstanding!

  6. william says:

    Dear Philip

    We’re with you.

    Love & Light

    William & Jenny

  7. Caroline says:

    Sending strong love and light to you today dear Philip.
    Love Carrie x

  8. Lisa Mead says:

    Dear Philip
    I had such a strong experience of your radiance, peacefulness and gentleness when I read your words above. It caused me to take a very deep breath and let out a very big sigh. Like often happens in a healing or massage session when I really relax…
    I also had a image of a circle of light beings around you, and around each light being was a similar circle of beings, all inter-connected and inter-being, watching over each other and holding each other in love. It is a very beautiful image.
    Thank you dear Philip for including me and all of us in your life in this way.
    With much love and light from
    Lisa x

  9. sue powell says:

    I love you x

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