The Five Minute Relaxation

Girl-on-sofa-pic-300x199Relaxation for busy people.

“How can just five minutes be enough?”

The answer is it can be enough, if you do it regularly. I first did it in the ’80s on a three month residential hypnotherapy training. We did it every day at the same time and I was amazed at how my body and mind quickly accepted that this was relaxation time, and got better and better at doing it.

So, do it every day for just one month, preferably at the same time, and see what happens. Be prepared to be surprised!

Also, be prepared to meet resistance. Many people find that they start making excuses not to do it, all sorts of excellent reasons why now is not the right time! Don’t listen to these thoughts, just do it.

Please click on the link below to listen.

Five Minute Relaxation mp3